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  • (Infographic) Bioglena- the optimal ingredient for immune formulation

(Infographic) Bioglena- the optimal ingredient for immune formulation


More than ever, consumers are looking for an immune formula that supports a resilient immune system. 

Innova Market Insights reports that immune health products are the primary claim in new product development (NPD) for dietary supplements worldwide, with immune formulas constituting 30% of dietary supplement launches in 2020.

Our immune system is a wonderfully complex network of molecules, cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect the body from disease. Optimal immune function is critical for quality of life and for survival itself.

β-glucan polysaccharides are touted as nature’s immune-modulator, helping to prime the immune cells and support and balance natural immunity. It prepares and supports the immune system for stronger and faster responses against pathogens 

BioGlena™️ is a 100% natural whole Euglena gracilis alga containing a minimum of 55% linear 1,3 β-glucan, complete protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

It is produced by a proprietary fermentation technology providing a high β-glucan content

Check out how Bioglena™️ is the perfect additive to any immune formula:

 immune formula