The next generation source of Beta Glucan

BioGlena™ is a high-quality, 100% natural source of beta-glucan derived from the microalgae Euglena gracilis .
BioGlena™ containing at least 55% linear 1,3 beta glucans, complete protein, and essential vitamins and minerals.
Unlike other beta-glucan products, BioGlena™ does not require a harsh, solvent-based extraction process.
It is a natural and pure ingredient.

What are Beta glucans?
Beta glucans are polysaccharides which naturally occur in cereals, yeast, fungi and algae.
Beta-glucans are touted as nature’s immune-modulator, helping to prime immune cells and support and balance natural immunity.
Beta-glucans are found on the surface of disease-causing fungi. The immune system has evolved to recognize these molecules with a specific receptor on white blood cells that activate the immune system following the binding to the beta glucans.

BioGlena™ is a reach source of Beta Glucan

Euglena gracilis is a single-cell microalga, living in most freshwater habitats. It naturally produces linear 1-3 beta-glucans called paramylon, which are stored as free-floating granules in the cell, and known for their immuno-modulatory functions.
Euglena grcaillis accumulates a large amount of beta-glucans within its cells and uses them as a major energy storage compound.
The algae also contain complete proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals.
BioGlena™ taken orally is easily digested in the stomach, effectively releasing the beta-glucans from within the algal matrix where they are picked up by immune cells in the intestine and transported to key sites in the body. This initiates a cascade of immune signaling and immune cell priming, helping to naturally strengthen the innate and adaptive immune system against pathogens.

Most frequent asked questions about Beta Glucan:
What is the difference between Beta Glucan from different sources?
Beta-glucan sources differ in their primary structures, solubility, branching proportion, types of linkages and physiological effects like hypocholesterolemia and immunomodulation, as well as their health benefits. Most products containing beta glucans extracted from microorganism cells wall contain solvents. Since microalgae beta glucans accumulate inside vesicles within cells, they can be readily available without the addition of solvents.
Does Beta Glucan really support immune function?
Beta glucans polysaccharides were shown in clinical studies to support and balance natural immunity. Beta glucans bind to a specific receptor on various white blood cells leading to their priming and by thus helping the immune system to respond faster and efficiently to pathogens attack.
Is Beta Glucan safe for people with weakened immune system?
Answer: Anyone can benefit from the consumption of beta glucans but immune support is most important to certain populations such as children, elderly population, people who perform strenuous physical activities and people with stressful lifestyle.

Immune support with Beta-glucans

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Beta glucan immune support mechanism


Trained immunity is a newly identified immune mechanism describes a functional reprogramming of innate immune cells following exposure to stimuli, which leads to an enhanced response toward a second stimulus.
Beta-glucans are typical inducers of trained immunity, which can be induced in three phases:
1) Unstimulated immune cells, such as macrophages, bind Beta-glucans via the dectin-1 receptor and are thereby activated and undergo a functional epigenetic reprogramming and associated metabolic changes, preparing the cells for future encounters with pathogens.
2)The cells are resting (not active) but are trained (primed) and ready for action .
3) Trained/primed cells encounter a pathogen (or experimental pathogen mimic) and respond
more effectively and powerfully than non-trained/non-primed cells.

BioGlena™ induces trained immunity
The effect of BioGlena was evaluated in an in vitro study with human macrophages. The cells were incubated with BioGlena or neutral controls for 24 hours, followed by a five-day rest period. At the end of the resting period the cells were incubated with bacteria and viruses. The results demonstrated that macrophages exposed to BioGlena responded more effectively to the pathogens compared to controls .



Vegan, NON-GMO,
Gluten free, Allergen free


3 years




Capsules, Tablets, Soft gels Gummies,
powder & functional food


Applicable to multiple food categories


Dietary supplements - just 375 mg /daily*
Food – up to 450 mg per serving

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Companies need to make their own determination regarding whether there is a substantiation for the claims for their finished products, taking into consideration product formulation, dosage and directions for use, and for ascertaining the proper use of this product with regard to applicable laws and regulations.
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