The enormous and complex community of bacteria that populate our gastrointestinal tract, termed the gut microbiota , are well known to play a key role in maintaining host health and metabolic balance. Recent findings have revealed roles for the gut microbiota in the modulation of host immunity and the development and progression of certain diseases.
The supplementation of prebiotics, important gut health ingredients, is essential for optimal gut microbiota function. The positive effects of prebiotics on microbial growth and activity have been well studied, in particular regarding their ability to feed and sustain beneficial microbial colonies while helping to suppress harmful ones. The primary action of this bacterial fermentation of prebiotics in the lower intestine is the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs).

Beyond Prebiotic

Bioecolians is an effective prebiotic obtained from sugars by a perfectly controlled enzymatic process.
Bioecolians is a a-gluco-oligosaccharide, composed out of short glucose chains linked by glycosidic bond(α1-2) and (α1-6).
Thanks to its structure, Bioecolians is not hydrolyzed in the stomach and not absorbed in the small intestine. It reaches the colon intact and is fermented by the bacteria inhabiting the colon,promoting their growth and reducing the number of harmful bacteria in the gut
Bioecolians enhances the production of SCFAs and anti-bacterial peptide beta-defensin-2.
Bioecolians is suitable for diverse formulation including symbiotic products.

Health Benefits

Functional properties

• Spray dried powder
• Heat and acid-stable
• Non-viscous
• Water-soluble and easy to use
• Slightly sweet
• Low Water activity- optimal for synbiotic formulations
• Low caloric value – 2kcal/gr
• Low molecular weight: DP 2 to 9