The Story of Life

Making an impact by bringing the good that’s in microalgae to the world

Astapure ® BioGlena™

At Algatech our vision is to make an impact by bringing the good that’s in microalgae to the world. We work relentlessly to elevate the well-being of humans and animals with our products and grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our state-of-the-art nutrients, utilizing cutting edge ecofriendly technologies and innovative science.

Our Story

The story of microalgae

Over a billion years of evolution, microalgae have become nature's powerhouses. They are the very basis of the food chain, and as the first plants on earth microalgae produced almost all of the basic nutritional elements of life. We are privileged to be able to explore and harness the wonder of microalgae for human life.

Our Microalgae

The story of Algatech

Since 1998 Algatech has been striving to unlock the potential of microalgae. Our facility is a living example of how it is possible to make the desert thrive, using it to bring both life and ecological benefits. Algatech is among the few companies in the world to have cracked the code for producing commercial-scale natural microalgae at the very highest standard, using our state of the art proprietary technology.


The story of our technology

Over time, Algatech has grown to become one of the world’s largest photobioreactor facilities. From the petri dish to the commercial product, Algatech has developed cultivation protocols, innovative processing technology and extraction methods to create the global industry standard for quality. Our science and R&D team's mission is to invest in the development of novel delivery forms and innovative formulations, for human health and for our customers.

The technology