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FucoVital™ is an innovative proprietary composition for liver health derived from the Phaeodactylum tricornutum microalgae. This type of microalgae is a naturally rich source of fucoxanthin, an orange-brown carotenoid which plays a part in photosynthesis and helps protect the microalgae from oxidative stress. While fucoxanthin provides excellent anti-oxidative benefits like many other carotenoids, its true value goes far beyond. The consumption of algae has always been considered one of the reasons for the superior good health and longevity of certain Asian groups. Recent research institutes from around the world have identified fucoxanthin as a major contributor to the Japanese diet’s health benefits.

FucoVital™ Pure and sustainable

Algatech’s FucoVital™, the first fucoxanthin derived from microalgae is cultivated year-round in an industrial closed and controlled system, fully exposed to natural sunlight. Algatech has used its pioneering knowledge and expertise developed over the past 20 years to create a proprietary, sustainable fucoxanthin cultivation method and technology. We rely on power generated in a solar panel farm and our own water recycling platform. Our microalgae cultivation displaces no crops, utilizes carbon dioxide and creates only oxygen as waste. It is a genuine ecological crop.

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Health Benefits

Studies have shown fucoxanthin to provide a variety of health benefits in the area of metabolic syndrome, supporting healthy glucose and inflammatory responses and most importantly, supporting liver health. Compared to seaweed-derived products, FucoVital™’s proprietary composition has proven to have high potency in testing conducted at a leading research center, and we are committed to supporting further scientific exploration of this unique natural wonder.

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Safety & Regulation

Fucoxanthin is a safe ingredient that has been sold in the U.S. and Asia as a dietary supplement for many years, primarily as concentrates or extracts of seaweed such as Macrocystis, Laminaria and Undaria. FucoVital is the only fucoxanthin extract to have obtained a New Dietary Ingredient Notification (“NDIN”) from the FDA, and the first and only microalgae-derived fucoxanthin product on the market.

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Ken Seguine, our Head of sales in the US, presenting our innovative product Fucovital™ at the Organic & Natural Health Association