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BioGlena™ Induce Trained Immunity (study results)

BioGlena™ Induce Trained Immunity (study results)

Trained immunity describes a functional reprogramming of innate immune cells following exposure to stimuli, which leads to an enhanced response toward a second stimulus. In other words, trained immunity is the ability of the innate immune system to recall or adapt to a first challenge to mount a robust response to a secondary challenge by a similar or dissimilar microbial stimulus.

How to support winter immunity?

The winter months are considered to be the "flu season" during which we are more susceptible to viral infections. It is probably because we spend more time indoors when it is cold and viruses can survive longer in cold air. Strengthening the immune system is one of the best ways to prepare the body for winter.


5 Simple Tips For Muscle Recovery 

Recovery after training is one of the most important aspects of fitness and health. The recovery period lets the body to adjust to the strain and allows the muscles to repair themselves.

Cultivation of microalgae

What makes Microalgae's future so promising?

Microalgae have attracted immense interest over the past few years, due to their substantial potential for application in fields such as lipids, antioxidants and proteins that could be beneficial for humans and animals.