Product Developer

We are looking for a product developer in the fields of Food Additives and Clinical Nutrition. Full time position – preference for full time at Kibbutz Ketura in the south of Israel (possibility for 2 days a week at our offices– in the center of the country - and 3 days at Kibbutz Ketura)


  • Instigating and leading the product development activities of the company – beginning with the initial idea, leading the testing and planning phases, the research and approval of appropriate raw materials, evaluation of suitable suppliers and partners, assessment of available technologies, solving engineering problems and bringing the product from initial development to final production.
  • Responsibility for defining needs and translating them into integrated requirements within the company and from external suppliers
  • Coordinating between internal and external functions - interfacing between development, production, suppliers, etc. – everything needed to advance development projects
  • Involved in decision making as regards the company's product development strategy
  • Responsibility for the stability of all the company's products
  • Overseeing the management of the product safety team (HACCP team)

Required Skills

  • Creativity and out of the box thinking
  • Understanding of technological processes
  • Ability to integrate and co-ordinate between the various departments covering the whole scope of the company
  • Organizational and management skills
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Proficient in English
  • 5 years' prior experience in the product development of biotechnological, food additives, food or pharmaceuticals products.
  • 2nd degree in life sciences or engineering (chemical, biotechnology, food technology/engineering
  • Knowledge of the nutraceutical, food additives and natural based industries.

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