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Tali Pechenick Jowers Ph.D.|

Microalgae-derived fucoxanthin: Powerful composition for liver health

Clinical trials suggest fucoxanthin, the carotenoid found naturally in seaweed and microalgae, helps promote metabolic and liver health. Dr Tali Pechenick Jowers, Scientific Affairs Manager at Algatech, explains


Algatech Triples FucoVital Production Capacity

Algatech announces it has tripled its production capacity for FucoVital. The action follows increased demand from the dietary supplements market.

Fatty liver and fucoxanthin helpsNew
David Foreman|

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver and How Fucoxanthin Might Help

FucoVitalTM is the only 3% fucoxanthin extract that targets the first stage of fatty liver by reducing the simple accumulation of fat in the liver. Algatech’s FucoVitalTM is, the first fucoxanthin derived from microalgae and is cultivated year-round in an industrial closed and controlled system, fully exposed to natural sunlight

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