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Astaxanthin (AstaPure®) for healthy skinNew
David Foreman|

Evolutionary Wisdom for Skin Revitalization with Natural Astaxanthin

One of the best ways to protect and maintain healthy skin is by both dietary consumption and external or topical application of astaxanthin (AstaPure®) to the skin.

AstaPure EyeQ - astaxanthin for eyes

AstaPure EyeQ – Natural astaxanthin for eye health

Recognizing the superior abilities and benefits for eye and vision health of oral astaxanthin, AlgaTech developed a formulation of algal astaxanthin — AstaPure EyeQ — with improved bioavailability. AstaPure EyeQ is a powder formulation derived from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae, the richest known source of natural astaxanthin.