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David Foreman|

Why whole food sourced from microalgae is big deal? David Foreman, The Herbal Pharmacist, explains

Consumers are increasingly interested in getting their nutrients from food versus synthetic ingredients. Using AstaPure® Arava powder as an example, we can see that whole food nutrition is obtained from micro-algae that have survived millions of years on this planet.

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Solabia Group Announces its Acquisition of Algatech, a Global Leader in the Microalgae Industry

Algatech is proud to announce its acquisition by French pharmaceutical company Solabia Group. Read more about the acquisition here


Algatech and For the Biome form partnership on topical applications

Algatech and For the Biome form partnership on topical applications. “Our next venture with Algatech will bring unimagined innovations to the field of beauty and natural skincare,” said Paul Schulick, author of three groundbreaking books on herbs and wellness. “The skin is the body’s largest organ and functions as its ‘third brain’ as an extension of the human microbiome".