Our Technology

Cutting Edge microalgae cultivation technology

Located in the Arava desert, one of the most arid and remote places on earth, Algatech enjoys renewable energy from the first solar facility in Israel, and water from an ancient sea 1km below the surface. Over time, Algatech, a leading astaxanthin manufacturer,  grew to become one of the world’s largest photobioreactor facilities containing more than 600 kilometers of glass tubes with a variety of cutting edge cultivation and process technologies. We are leveraging the Arava desert’s unique climate conditions, and remote location, to ensure the highest quality standards. Our team is relentlessly engaged with the study of microalgae and the development of new and groundbreaking microalgae cultivation technology for astaxanthin and fucoxanthin derived from microalgae.

Algatech location

Quality Assurance

Algatech cultivation equipment and the nutrients used are all approved food quality, ensuring microalgae will not absorb impurities during the production process. We have implemented a fully controlled system verified by ISO 22000 certification from petri dish to commercial product. Algatech is investing massive resources in identifying promising new strains of micro algae, defining optimal growth parameters and optimizing the cultivation process.

Algatech cultivation equipment and the nutrients

Ecofriendly Technologies and Innovation

From the petri dish to the commercial product, Algatech have developed cultivation protocols, innovative down process and extraction methods to create a world-leading standard in the industry. Our science and R&D teams are relentlessly investing in the development of novel delivery forms and innovative formulations. We grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products, utilizing cutting edge eco-friendly technologies and state-of-the-art scientific methods.

Algatech Technologies and Innovation