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BioGlena™ Induce Trained Immunity (study results)


BioGlena™  by Solabia – Algatech Nutrition is the next generation source of Beta-glucan, provides natural support for healthy immune function. It is derived from the microalgae Euglena gracilis  and is 100% natural and completely unprocessed. BiGlena™ contains at least 55% linear 1,3 beta-glucans along with complete proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Trained immunity describes a functional reprogramming of innate immune cells following exposure to stimuli, which leads to an enhanced response toward a second stimulus.
In other words, trained immunity is the ability of the innate immune system to recall or adapt to a first challenge to mount a robust response to a secondary challenge by a similar or dissimilar microbial stimulus.

A recent in vitro study demonstrating the ability of BioGlena™, to enhance macrophage response against pathogen.

Study design 

Human macrophages isolated from whole blood were incubated with BioGlena and various controls for 24 hours.After 24 hours, the cells were washed and kept at rest for five days. The resting period was followed by incubation with Poly IC a mismatched double-stranded RNA molecule that mimics viral infection, and LPS, a lipopolysaccharide found in membranes of pathogenic bacteria that induce immune responses. The levels of cytokines including IFNγ and TNF- α were measures after first 24 hours, end of resting period and after 24 hours of incubation with pathogens.

IFNγ– a cytokines known for its effect as macrophages activator against viral infections with a direct ability to inhibit viral infection.

TNF- α- is a cytokine released by macrophages to alert other immune system cells as part of an inflammatory response.


The effect of BioGlena on IFNγ secretion 

Following the incubation with BioGlena, there was a slight secretion of IFNγ measured which was similar to the amount of IFNγ measured from the untreated control cells (0.86 pg/ml IFNγ).    The low levels of IFNγ were also observed in both test and control samples after a 5-day resting period.
Following the completion of the resting period then 24 hours incubation with the Poly ICC there were major, statistically significant differences in the IFNγ levels between cells that were previously exposed to BioGlena and untreated cells (17.21 pg/ml IFNγ versus 3.55 pg/ml IFNγ respectively) (Figure 1 ).

Study results showed that human macrophage exposure to BioGlena resulted in an enhanced response against a viral pathogen.

Figure 1: IFNγ levels in macrophages before and after incubation with PolyIC.


The levels of IFNγ secreted following exposure to BioGlena were higher compared to other sources of Beta-glucanes (Figure 2).

Figure 2: IFNγ levels in macrophages 24 hours after incubation with PolyIC. Competitor-another Euglena product, WGP- Whole Glucan Particles and ZYM- Zymosan are from yeast.


The effect of BioGlena on TNF- α secretion      

In addition incubation of macrophages with LPS, a molecule found of the membrane of pathogenic bacteria and induces immune response, following of initial exposure to BioGlena increased the release of TNF- α (see figure 9).

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