AstaPure® Product Line

AstaPure® Oleoresin: Natural astaxanthin oleoresin suitable for a complete range of applications, including soft gel filling and topical oil-based cosmetics.

AstaPure® Gelatin Beadlets: Non-vegan beadlets, easy to incorporate into direct compression tablets as well as hard-shell capsules; extremely stable with high bioavailability.

AstaPure®Vegetarian Beadlets: Innovative free-flowing beadlet-delivery formulation, vegetarian and vegan, suitable for hard-shell capsules and tablets (direct compression)

AstaPure® Powder: Fine powder, vegan and vegetarian; developed for soft gel capsules and for aqua/animal/poultry feed.

AstaPure® Novasol® Emulsion: Crystal clear liquid formulation, vegan and vegetarian, designed for functional beverages; potent antioxidant in an intense red color – a two-in-one benefit.

AstaPure® Soft Gel Capsules: 4 mg of natural astaxanthin per capsule; supplied in bulk.