Animal Health & Aquaculture

High value nutrition for our companion animals

When it comes to selecting healthy food ingredients , antioxidants are a vital ingredient not only for humans, but also for our treasured pets.  Natural high quality supplements ingredients make sense for helping keep our companions healthy.

In animals ordinary body conditions, the balance between physiological antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C and glutathione, for example) and free radicals, ensures effective cell protection. Increased production of free radicals (e.g., the ageing process, exercise, stress, disease, etc.) demands a supply of increasingly efficient antioxidants for companion animals. Continuously improved nutrition in pet diets and veterinary medicine are raising the life expectancy of companion animals. An emphasis on the impact of nutrition on cell ageing is increasing due to this growing life expectancy for pets.

Various studies conducted on ageing cats and dogs demonstrate that Astaxanthin may improve mitochondrial function. Astaxanthin increased the reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione ratio and decreased nitric oxide in all dogs, both old and young.

Nutrition for racing animals such as horses and camels

Due to extreme exercise equine racing animals may suffer from various muscle disorders. A recent study showed that combining natural astaxanthin with L-Carnitine, may have beneficial outcome due to their strong antioxidant effect.


Not just a pigment, but also a healthy natural supplementation for fish

Natural Astaxanthin is gaining popularity over synthetic astaxanthin among aquaculture companies, because it's better for the health of the animals, and it's far superior for pigmentation. Animals fed fish food with natural astaxanthin have higher survival rates, better growth rates, better immunity, fertility, and reproduction. In fact when it comes to salmon, only fish labeled naturally colored or wild can help ensure that human consumed fish does not contain potentially unhealthy colouring agents, which are certainly not enriched with antioxidants. As and antioxidant, natural astaxanthin is more potent than synthetic astaxanthin and AstaPure® is a great natural alternative


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