Food & Beverage Applications

Satisfying health trends

Functional foods and beverages have become popular in today's busy, health-oriented culture. Many young consumers realize that they are not getting enough nutrients from standard meals alone. Therefore, they are keen on sourcing their nutrients from fortified foods and beverages, especially those supplemented with natural bio-active ingredients, such as antioxidants. Trendy functional foods and beverages are promoting benefits such as heart health, improved immunity and digestion, joint health, satiety and energy boosts.


Popular new product introductions

According to 2015 Mintel market intelligence, 28% of new global product launches are focused on energy and endurance. The USA is leading this drive, followed by India and South Africa.


AstaPure®: a range of advantages

Natural astaxanthin, in addition to being a potent antioxidant, has also demonstrated that it may have beneficial effects in various applications, including sports nutrition, heart health and skin health.

Manufacturers are combining astaxanthin with other nutrients in product formulations, such as dry blended beverages and health bars, to help satisfy market demand for supplementary nutrition.